Office of the Chaplain

The Reverend Robert Hall is a native of Nashville, TN. He is a devoted husband and father to four amazing children. For the last 20 years, he has been motivating youth and adults through ministry, mentorship, and education. In 2006, he excepted his call to ministry and was ordained under the leadership of the Reverend Dr. Andrew Lee Stephens, founding pastor of the Village Church (PCUSA). He went on to earn his Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and Theology from the American Baptist College and his Master’s in Education from Lipscomb University. He is, also, ordained in the National Baptist Convention. Over the last 10 years, Rev. Hall has served as Executive Pastor, Interim Pastor, and pulpit supply in the Presbyterian Church (USA), African Methodist Episcopal, National Baptist Convention, and United Church of Christ denominations.


Rev. Hall’s three primary strengths start with his exceptional experience and skill at building trusting relationships and engaging communities. Resilience and gratitude guide his vision. Secondly, seeing the opportunity for growth in the midst of uncertainty and hardship is a trademark of Reverend Hall. These are not just words. They reflect the genuine faith and guiding principles with which he has led his life, through both wins and challenges. Congenial and collaborative, he sees the best in others and works to build a team. Thirdly, Rev. Hall is determined. His tenacity to continually learn and evolve is balanced with a deeply thoughtful approach to all endeavors. Reverend Hall’s integrity, determination, and strength of character has afforded him the opportunity to partner with many organizations and initiatives to create impact that promotes growth, change, and reconciliation.


Rev. Hall served several years as an educator in the Metro Nashville Public School system teaching Ancient World and U.S. History. He is the Founding Pastor of Abundant Faith Fellowship in Nashville, TN. He serves as Chaplain and Special Advisor to the President at Meharry Medical College. He is also the newly appointed Organizational Ombuds at Meharry Medical College. Reverend Robert Hall brings a wealth of personal experience as a spiritual leader, entrepreneur, and former educator. Indeed, his high expectations of himself have created a pathway of success. He views all persons as already capable with many strengths, and he recognizes and uses the power of high expectations to help them see their own capacity for growth. He travels nationally to college campuses, schools, and churches speaking on his passion and focus on African American males of all ages and their definition of manhood and masculinity in the 21st century. He holds memberships in several professional and service organizations, such as the International Ombudsman Association, the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Because of his calling, ability to communicate, and reputation for professionalism, he is often asked to facilitate, speak to, and serve people across religious, ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic lines, cultivating them to know their fullest potential to live their best lives.

The Chaplain is the spiritual leader of the student body and is responsible for the spiritual formation and pastoral care needs of all Meharry students, staff, faculty, etc.


The Chaplain’s role is to build collaborations in the community to increase the opportunities for spiritual development of Meharry students. This includes interacting with the local churches and community organizations.


The chaplain provides for following services:

  • Pastoral Care opportunities—meeting with students and talking with them about various challenges in their lives and helping them to examine their faith in the midst of these struggles/questions.

  • Spiritual Formation Opportunities—engaging in prayer groups, taking care of the temporal needs of the university, and conducting spiritual services and education

  • Be present and provide emotional or spiritual support.

  • Provides support for cultural and/or religious concerns.

  • Offers spiritual support to your family during your time of need.

  • Provides spiritual literature as requested.

  • Offers a blessings or prayers throughout the year and as needed.

  • Provides and/or facilitates religious rituals:

    • Baptisms

    • Funerals and Memorial Services

    • Weddings

    • Baby Dedications

    • Blessings according to the Christian Calendar

    • And more…

The Chaplain is committed to providing a confidential service to staff and students. The Chaplain respects everyone’s confidentiality, and this helps to ensure a relationship of trust. Confidentiality is one of the most important aspects of the chaplain’s work.


Only the Chaplain can waive the privilege of confidentiality.


The only time the Chaplain breaks the promise of confidentiality is when one threatens another person or himself/herself with imminent bodily harm.

Multi-faith Chaplaincy is a model that connects and validates the diverse paths of Faith and Spirituality. In many cases, the Office of the Chaplain operates on a traditional Christian model. However, with the help and guidance from members of the local Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu communities, the Office of the Chaplain at Meharry seeks to provide space for interfaith dialogue and services to all faith traditions represented within the College. Although called a multi-faith chaplaincy, the Office of the Chaplain is, also, inclusive of those who profess no religious faith as recipients to the service.

Call, Email, or Inbox the chaplain:

  • Whenever you need support

    • You have questions

    • You need community resources

    • You see yourself getting into trouble

    • You need spiritual guidance

    • You have ideas for spiritual formation

    • You are in need of emergency assistance

    • You are sick

    • You are in the hospital

    • You have a death in your family

Meharry students, staff and faculty may use the form below for scheduling.
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Outside organizations and individuals must call the Chaplain’s office directly at: 615.327.6975

Contact the Office of the Chaplain

Rev. Robert Hall
Call: 615.327.6975

The Chapel is located on first floor of the Cal Turner Building next to the rear exit.