Student Insurance Enrollment

Enrollment in the group student insurance plan is contingent upon your official status as an enrolled student of Meharry Medical College. The plan year is July 1st – June 30th for all continuing and first year medical/dental students. For first year MSPH, PhD and MHS students, the plan year is August 1st – June 30th.


Qualifying Life Event
You may complete an enrollment form and pay the pro-rated cost of the student insurance at any point during the academic year if you experience a qualifying life event and can provide proof. Examples of a qualifying life event include: loss of prior coverage (turning 26 and being dropped from a parent’s coverage), divorce, death, court order, birth of a child, etc.


Please complete the form below if you are enrolling in the plan as an individual and/or need to enroll as a student with qualified dependents – legal spouse and/or child(ren).


Dependent Insurance Enrollment
As stated above, you should use the form below if you are enrolling in the plan as an individual or with dependents. If you are enrolling qualified dependents on your insurance, you will also need to complete the Authorization to Use Title IV Funds Form for other related educational expenses and upload it on the enrollment form below.The form grants Meharry Medical College’s Offices of Student Financial Aid and Student Financial Services permission to use Title IV, HEA program funds to satisfy (current year charges). Your cost of attendance will not be increased to cover the cost of dependent insurance coverage. Please be sure to check “Family/dependent health insurance premium” and enter the correct annual or per semester amount listed on the student insurance overview page.

Student Insurance Enrollment Form