Student Insurance

Insurance Overview

Meharry Medical College requires that all registered students have health insurance or purchase the Meharry Medical College sponsored group plan. Students must be officially enrolled in a degree program at Meharry Medical College to be eligible for the student insurance plan. One of the following options is mandatory for all Meharry students:

  • On a parent’s or spouse’s health insurance policy
  • Individual, private, or group health insurance policy*
  • Group policy offered by Meharry Medical College


*The plan must meet the requirements listed in the student insurance waiver information section. Please contact the Student Insurance Team via email at if you have questions/concerns.


Student Insurance Policy & Procedure


The Meharry Medical College Student Insurance Plan offers, medical, vision, and dental coverage. Covered plans cannot be purchased separately.

2023-2024 Student Insurance Rates

The annual premium cost for the health insurance plan (medical, vision, and dental insurance) are listed below. The insurance plan year runs from July 1 to June 30. Each semester, your student account will be charged for half of the annual premium. (rates are subject to change).


If a waiver is not submitted by the specified time, the student will be automatically charged an insurance fee during the fall and spring semesters.

Coverage Level:

Student Only

Student & Spouse

Student & 1 Child

Student & All Children

Student & Family (Spouse & Child(en)



















Coverage Level:

Student Only

Annual Premium:


Semester Premium:


Coverage Level:

Student & Spouse

Annual Premium:


Semester Premium:


Coverage Level:

Student & Child

Annual Premium:


Semester Premium:


Coverage Level:

Student & Children

Annual Premium:


Semester Premium:


Coverage Level:

Family - Student, Spouse, & Child(ren)

Annual Premium:


Semester Premium:


Rates are subject to change at anytime.

Insurance Programs

United Healthcare remains the medical insurance provider for the student group plan. The Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan details covered services and exemptions of coverage. A card will not be automatically mailed to you. It must be requested from United Healthcare Student Resources.


There are many ways to access medical insurance benefits and insurance cards online. Students are encouraged to set up an account online by following this link: Create Your Account. The Summary of Benefits and Coverage gives a quick view of deductibles, out-of-pocket limits, annual limits, and information on referrals.


Mental and Behavioral Health
Please use WellConnect to search for a mental or behavioral health providers.
School Code: MMC-STU
Phone: 866-640-4777


Additional Contact Information


Student Assistance Program (SAP)
The Student Assistance Program is offered through Wellconnect. This program is available to all students enrolled in the group insurance plan. They offer counseling for a wide variety of every day or unexpected concerns such as stress, depression, relationships, parenting, substance abuse, grief and loss, and financial issues to name a few. Counselors are professionals with a master’s degree and a state license.


Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1-866-640-4777. You can also visit their website (school code: MMC-STU).

United Healthcare is the provider of vision insurance for students. Please note there is a difference between the medical and vision providers. Medical coverage is provided by a different arm of the United Healthcare company than vision. You will not receive a vision insurance card in the mail. A vision card is not required to receive services.


Verify Benefits for Vision Coverage
You can call the customer service line or set up an online account to view your benefits.


I need to make an appointment. What do I need to do?
Go online or view the UHC Vision Directory below to find a retailer or other participating provider below. Visit the retailer or provider and they will ask you to complete paperwork that will include personal information. The retailer/vision provider can verify your benefits using the company name that you are covered under (United Healthcare) and your personal information.


Visit United Healthcare’s website to view providers in your area.


UHC Vision Directory


Contact Information

Customer Service: 1-800-638-3120
Provider Locator: 1-800-839-3242

Delta Dental of Tennesse is the dental insurance provider for the student group insurance plan. Dentists across the United States participate in the Delta Dental network which you have access to with your plan.


A physical card is not required for dental insurance. You can let the provider know you are covered through Delta Dental of Tennessee with Meharry Medical College Student Plan. The dental provider can confirm your benefits using additional personal information.


Delta Dental has an online Consumer Toolkit that lets you access your plan securely over the internet. The site allows you to view your benefits, claims and other important information. Once you’ve registered and created an account, you can download the Delta Dental App from the Google Play or Apple’s App Store.


Student Dental Benefit Guide


Contact Information

Click on Individuals tab at the top,
Consumer Toolkit and LogIn Now or Create Account.
Customer Service: 1-800-223-3104
Mobile App Links

All students are required to complete a life insurance beneficiary form the first year of enrollment. These forms allow you to name an individual(s) that you would like to have receive the life insurance benefits in the event of your passing.


Note: Life/Accidental Death & Disbursement and the disability insurance cannot be waived. Please visit the Tuition and Fees page to view the fee(s) for your particular school. If you waive the group insurance plan, you will still need to complete the beneficiary form as this is separate from the student group insurance plan.


If a student needs to make a change to his/her beneficiary during his/her matriculation at Meharry Medical College, he/she will need to contact the Office of Student Life at 615-327-6792 or email


Please Visit the Meharry Medical College Student Insurance Intranet webpage for details on the life/ad&d, short and long term disability policies. The Policy number and certificate links are on the page.


Standard Life Beneficiary Designation Form


The group name should be entered as: Meharry Medical College – Student. Leave the group number blank. Complete, sign and scan the form to yourself and upload it below.

Mandatory Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Coverage

All Medical, Dental and PhD students are enrolled in the mandatory pathogen exposure/accident coverage which provides a benefit in case a student is exposed to blood or other body fluids through a needle stick or body fluid splash/spill event. This coverage is required whether you enroll in the Meharry Student Group Insurance Policy or are covered by another policy.Those enrolled in the student insurance plan can use the insurance card provided by United Healthcare for needlestick events. Those not enrolled will need to have special forms completed for the claims.

Maximum Benefit:





$42 per year

Students are asked to contact Student Health Services or their respective school’s academic and student affairs office for details about the the procedure for dealing with occupational exposure to blood/body fluids.

Important Dates & Information

Annual Open Enrollment and Deadlines

Returning Students
Mid-May — First week of June


Waiver Deadline
June 30

New Students
July 1 — July 31


Waiver Deadline
August 15

Graduate Students
August 1 — August 31


Waiver Deadline
September 15

For life events such as: birth, death, marriage, divorce, etc., contact Student Insurance at —