Frequently Asked Questions

Current students can view and submit transcript requests online via Banner Student Self-Service.

Alumni can submit requests for transcripts online here through the Office of the Registrar.


Please note: We cannot process transcript requests for students or alumni with holds.

The Office of the Registrar does not maintain residency information. The residency program is coordinated in the office of Graduate Medical Education. See below for contact information.


Meharry Medical College Graduate Medical Education
Attn: Program Coordinator
1005 Dr. D.B.Todd, Jr. Blvd.
Nashville, Tennessee 37208
Telephone: 615.327.5973
Fax: 615.321.2939


Look here to learn more about our residency programs.

A transcript is a confidential document, so only the person to whom they belong can request them. However, students can submit a signed request and indicate in the request that their transcript(s) may be picked up by a designated third party.


What is the turnaround time for requests submitted to the Office of the Registrar?


Requests are processed in two to three business days after receipt. Exceptions are made for items that arrive via Express Mail or Federal Express. All FedEx and Express Mail requests are mailed out the same day or within 24 hours.

Those needing requests expedited can forward a pre-paid FedEx packet via mail, upload a FedEx air bill when submitting your request online, or pay for Express Mail through the College and we will gladly expedite your request to its destination. If you choose Express mail, please contact Student Financial Services at 615.327.6220 to make arrangements to pay prior to submitting the request online. The request will be processed once we receive notification that the payment has been processed and approved.

A student currently enrolled may file a request for name change with the Office of the Registrar. A notarized Name Change Request form must be accompanied by supporting documents such as:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Court Order
  • Divorce Decree
  • Marriage Certificate


Please note: A driver license or social security card is not valid documentation for a name change. When the request for a name change is approved, the change will be made in the Banner system. Once students leave the College, no further name changes can be made to the academic record.

Students experiencing technical issues with Banner should contact the Office of Information Technology for assistance. On-campus, you can dial HELP and off-campus, call 615.327.6231. They can assist you with accessing the system and resetting your password. In the event that you cannot reach the Help Desk to have your password reset, contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance.


For additional information regarding the options in Banner Student Self-Service, refer to the Banner Student Self-Service User Instructions.

There registration process is not complete until you have been registered for courses, assessed fees, and your balance is paid in full. To assess your registration status, you can log on to Banner Student Self-service to view all courses for which you are registered, your financial aid status, and your account balance.


Please note: Submission of your schedule to Academic Affairs does not validate your registration. If holds exist, the form will not be processed. It is the student’s responsibility to take care of all outstanding holds prior to registration.

Meharry Medical college participates in the National Student Loan Clearinghouse located in Herndon, Virginia. Every thirty days, the Office of the Registrar submits a student enrollment status report to the Clearinghouse, which in turn supplies verification of enrollment to lending agencies.


A large number of lenders and loan servicing organizations that are members of the Clearinghouse participate in a Paperless Deferment Process. With this process, no paper forms need to be completed by either students or schools—the student simply calls his or her lender to request a deferment. The lender then matches this request against the Clearinghouse electronic data and verifies the in-school status of the student. If a lender does not participate in the Paperless Deferment Process and needs a paper deferment form completed, the form should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.


Students who register late will not be included in the College’s initial submissions to the Clearinghouse for the semester. However, they will appear in the next registrar submission.

Meharry Medical College currently has four graduation dates:

  • The third Saturday in May—date of Commencement
  • June 30th
  • October 31st
  • December31st

Alumni may request a replacement diploma if the original diploma has been lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed. The cost for the duplicate diploma is $75, but subject to change without notice. Alumni are asked to submit a notarized letter requesting a replacement diploma that states what happened to the original diploma and contains the following information:

  • Full legal name
  • Name while in attendance (if different from above)
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • School attended (Medical, Dental, or Graduate)
  • Degree Earned
  • Date of graduation
  • An explanation of why a replacement diploma is needed
  • The complete mailing address where the replacement diploma is to be shipped (We are unable to deliver certified documents to a P.O. Box)
  • A phone number and/or e-mail address where we can reach you, should we have questions concerning your request

The Office of the Registrar cannot guarantee that there is a copy of your diploma on file. Therefore, we suggest that alumni contact us for confirmation. If there is not a copy on file, we will certify a mailed copy of your original diploma. Please be sure to include any special requirements for certification.

Effective Monday, May 9, 2016, Meharry Medical College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree verifications. The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted at:


National Student Clearinghouse
2300 Dulles Station Blvd.,
Suite 300, Herndon, VA 20171.