Meharry Alert

Dear Meharrians:

One of my highest priorities is to make the campus safer for faculty, students, staff, patients and visitors. For this reason, the month of February is designated “Active Shooter Awareness and Safety Month.”


I am writing to share with you a series of activities that I have coordinated and I urge you to review the attached list of activities. Please attend as many of the noon lectures as possible and open a link to review the Active Shooter video to learn what to do if faced with this event.


As your Chief of Security, my commitment to your safety is steadfast. Obtaining the information presented during the month of February will aid in your safety and the safety of the patients and visitors to the campus. Take action to:


Read the MMC Emergency Preparedness Plan section on Active Shooter.


Enroll immediately for Meharry Alert to receive emergency text messages from MMC staff.


Watch for information that will prepare the campus for a scheduled Active Shooter drill.

Attend the noon time lectures on relevant topics to an Active Shooter event and safety.

Report concerns about coworkers or students experiencing substance abuse or alcohol abuse to deans or immediate supervisors.


Report any suspicious people or questionable activity to MMC Security at: 615.327.6666


In conclusion, your knowledge about what to do if you are faced with an Active Shooter event may help to save your life as well as the lives of others. Stay alert and be proactive about your safety and that of your fellow Meharrians.



Theresa McKinnon-Jordan, MBA, MS
Chief of Security and Director of Campus Safety

Contact the ADA Coordinator

Jacqueline D. Gardner, M.A.
Certified ADA Coordinator
(615) 327-6500
Lyttle Hall, Room 306