Life In Nashville

Nashville weaves the fibers of a thriving urban environment with an intimate community charm; residents find enough ‘big-city’ conveniences nestled within a strong local scene that remains the core of Nashville’s identity. The vibe is creative, intelligent, and welcoming.


It is also worth mentioning that Nashville is our nation’s health care capital, and Meharrians benefit from many partnerships, collaborations, and innovations that occur—as they occur—within the industry. This type of ‘first-fruit’ benefit ultimately benefits the community Meharry serves.


The cost-of-living in Nashville consistently ranks among the lowest in comparable cities across the nation, ranking more efficient than Atlanta, Austin, Tampa, and Richmond. All components (groceries, housing, utilities, etc.) of cost-of-living are typically below the national average. The climate in Nashville is typically mild and pleasant with only a few days of the year having either very hot or very cold conditions.


Nashville’s nickname is Music City, and while it’s synonymous with country music, there is also a vibrant scene for all genres.

The Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau and Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County are great resources for information about the city.


While Meharry feels very blessed to be located in Nashville, Meharry also enriches Nashville. Our strong sense of community and service complements Nashville’s energy; our history and legacy dovetails into the city’s; our bond with Nashville is intricate, strong, and mutually respectful. All Meharrians are Nashvillians, whether for a season or a lifetime.