TNCPE Commitment Award

The Meharry Medical College Division of Student Affairs was honored at the 23rd Annual Excellence in Tennessee Awards Banquet, held on Wednesday, February 24, 2016. The Commitment Award is the intermediate level of the TNCPE program. It recognizes organizations that are beginning to demonstrate serious commitment to, and implementation of, performance improvement principles.


The Commitment Award was presented by Rebecca Hunter, Commissioner, Department of Human Resources, State of Tennessee, and TNCPE President and CEO, Katie Rawls. More than 450 business and community leaders from across Tennessee packed the ballroom of the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs to salute the winners. 44 organizations representing high-performing businesses, government agencies, nonprofit and education organizations were recognized for their commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.


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The Department of Student Services touches the students before they arrive and orients them once they are students. We provide a variety of administrative functions that enhance the optimal program from the student’s introduction to Meharry through completion of their chosen career of study. It is our privilege and honor to help Meharry students achieve balance and address concerns/extracurricular interests, guiding them into a life of service and care.

Student Life

Devoted to the well-being of our students through helping them adjust to the professional school environment.

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An essential partner in student learning, research and clinical care through exceptional services.

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Financial Aid

Providing information on graduate and professional school funding to help you attain your professional goals.

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Registrar’s Office

Maintaining the academic records of each matriculated student enrolled at Meharry.

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Student Resources

Find information about our counseling services, student housing, newsletters and more.

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Center for Health Policy

Fully supporting minority doctoral students pursuing a Ph.D. in sociology, political science and economics.

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Complaint Resolution

If there is a concern that you would like addressed, feel free to file a complaint here.

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Student Affairs Administration & Staff

Dexter Samuels

A. Dexter Samuels, Ph.D.

SRVP, Student Affairs &
Executive Director, Center for Health Policy

Phone: 615.327.6435

Mariah Cole

Mariah L. Cole, JD

Director of Program Management
Division: Student Affairs
Department: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy

Office Phone: 615.327.5503

April Curry-Roberts

April Curry-Roberts, M.Ed.

Director of Admissions & Recruitment
Division: Student Affairs
Department: Admissions and Recruitment

Phone: 615.327.6998

Patricia Hammock

Patricia M. Hammock, M.Ed.

Student Affairs Specialist
Division: Student Affairs

Phone: 615.327.6435

Tammi Lavender

Tammi Y. Lavender, MBA

Director, Student Life
Division: Student Affairs
Department: Office of Student Life

Office Phone: 615.963.3177

Sharda Mishra

Sharda Mishra, Ph.D.

Director, Counseling Services
Division: Student Affairs
Department: Counseling Services

Phone: 615.327.6312

Barbara Tharpe

Barbara F. Tharpe, Ed.D.

Director, Student Financial Aid
Division: Student Affairs
Department: Student Financial Aid

Office Phone: 615.327.6826

Miacia F Porter

Miacia F. Porter, MBA

Division: Student Affairs
Department: Office of the Registrar

Office Phone: 615.327.6466