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Meharry Medical College convened the Stakeholder Work Team on December 18, 2017 with the following goal:


To arrive at a new, integrated model for indigent care in the city of Nashville that leaves no one behind.


The Stakeholder Work Team will convene and present its recommendation for a new model of indigent care to Mayor Megan Barry and the Metro Council.


Meharry President, Dr. James E.K. Hildreth volunteered to form the Work Team following Mayor Barry’s announcement in November of changes at Nashville General Hospital. He felt Meharry had a duty and was uniquely qualified to lead the conversation about the future of indigent care in Nashville because of the college’s long-established mission to serve the underserved.


Meharry wanted to ensure that all perspectives were brought to the table. Therefore, Dr. Hildreth invited stakeholders from the community to participate as members of the Work Team. By design, each member of the Work Team addresses the issue of indigent care from a different perspective. Yet, they all share the same goal: to deliver the best possible care to those in our city who need it most.

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