Solar Eclipse at Meharry

More than 400 Meharrians, family members and friends stood in awe as they gathered in the historic amphitheater to view the 2017 Solar Eclipse. Meharry celebrated the eventful day with a formal program featuring Dr. Matthew Muterspaugh, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Tennessee State University. Dr. Muterspaugh delivered an insightful presentation explaining the details of a solar eclipse as well as provided additional information about ongoing research regarding the discovery of new planets and stars.

Moon Pies and Sunny Delight

Attendees received special Meharry branded solar eclipse glasses, as well as “Moon Pies” and “Sunny Delight” drinks as they headed toward the amphitheater to watch the big event. Medical Student Nicole Woodson provided live music, playing her violin to soul stirring tunes including “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” by The 5th Dimension.

Two Minutes Plus of Totality

As the two minutes of totality approached, the entire campus fell dark and nearly silent except for the chirping of crickets, the singing of cicadas and the roaring whispers of voices expressing surprise, awe and praise alike. Solar eclipse glasses were swept away from faces as all eyes turned toward the “night” sky to view a solid black circle embraced in a halo known as the solar eclipse.