Professional & Medical Education

“Success Without Excuses.” – Our department motto.

The Department of Professional and Medical Education consists of faculty members with the primary responsibility of teaching preclinical information in an integrated-multidisciplinary fashion to medical and dental students in both a horizontal and vertical manner. Our department’s mission is to help students attain leadership in integrative modality of medical instruction by cultivating an environment that continuously provides academic service, explores new pedagogical approaches, and increases the proficiency of teaching that enables them satisfied and timely progression through the curriculum. We encourage each other to look outside the box for new emerging opportunities to better serve our students and take feedback from students very seriously.


Their input is valuable as we work with them to achieve two very specific goals:

  • Achieve a first-time taker pass rate on the USMLE licensure exam of at least 92%.
  • Achieve an on-time graduation rate of at least 90%.


The Department of Professional and Medical Education has two divisions: Division of Integrated Didactics and Division of Clinical Skills and Competencies. The program is challenging but the rewards are immeasurable, in terms of academic excellence and furthering the improvement of healthcare and elimination of health disparities.

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Department of Professional & Medical Education
West Basic Sciences – Suite B101
1005 Dr. D. B. Todd, Jr. Boulevard
Nashville, Tennessee 37208
Telephone: 615.327.6944
FAX: 615.327.6095


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