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Welcome Message from the Chairman

Welcome to the Meharry Medical College & the Department of Internal Medicine! I am grateful that you are taking time to learn about us, the largest department in Meharry Medical College. Our department is housed in two campuses: Nashville General Hospital & the Alvin C. York, department of Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center in Murfreesboro, TN. Both campuses have a rich legacy of caring for the communities we serve. Our Medical School was founded in 1876 to serve the medical needs of the underserved after the American civil war in 1876, as the Medical Department of Central Tennessee College. Meharry was the first medical school in the South for African Americans. It was chartered separately in 1915. Our mission is to serve our community with provision of patient-centered care, education and research to eliminate health disparities. Our vision is to nurture excellence in patient care, teaching and research by promoting collaboration among a diverse team of caregivers & investigators.


The over-arching goals & values of our department are anchored on the following:

  • provide comprehensive, patient-centered, culturally competent care

  • provide medical students & residents with robust teaching & innovative curriculum to prepare them to excel in a rapidly changing American health care ecosystem.

  • design & participate in basic, translational and clinical research to eliminate health disparities

  • to engage the communities of Nashville & others we serve in health promotion, & foster a culture of health, that state of physical, psychological & emotional well-being.


Our department is committed to translating research to patient care, bringing research cures to the bedside and our communities; and is a national leader in health-disparities research. Our department consists of General Internists, scientists and specialists in Pulmonary & Critical Care, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Hematology & Oncology, Infectious Disease, Nephrology, amongst others, who collaborate to solve clinical & research questions and educate students and residents.


Though we have a rich history of education, patient care and service, I am more excited about this department’s future as we pursue research to unearth the ossified foundations of health care disparities, the genomics of drugs in minority and other patients, and re-imagine innovations in the culture & pedagogy of medical education. This department welcomes new students, residents, faculty and friends. Nashville is an exciting place to work and live with robust options for outdoor activities and a vibrant music scene.


To learn more about our programs, please contact Melanie Puckett, Department Administrator at



Chike M. Nzerue, MD, MBA, FASN, FACP
Edward Harkness Endowed Professor of Medicine & Interim Chairman

All of our physicians are board-certified and have a true passion for teaching; this kind of passion makes a tangible difference in the lives of students and is one of the many facets that comprise the overall Meharry experience.


To this end, our Chairman’s Rounds provide a truly unique opportunity for students to research a case and present their findings. Working together with Department Chair Chike M. Nzerue, MD, MBA, FASN, FACP in a more intimate setting, qualified students hone research skills, build relationships, and receive individualized mentoring that encourages, challenges, and supports.


Each week, our Grand Rounds cover a host of topics and cases that are relevant to Meharry’s mission and, in many cases, effect communities on a global scale.

The Department of Internal Medicine includes the following divisions:

  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Internal Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Pulmonary & Critical Care
  • Nephrology

Department News & Events


Each week, our Grand Rounds cover a host of topics and cases that are relevant to Meharry’s mission and, in many cases, effect communities on a global scale. Previous topics included rheumatoid arthritis, colon cancer, Proper Prescribing Practices: Schedule II Prescription Drug Abuse Course, Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy, Constrictive Bronchiolitis in Soldiers Returning for Iraq & Afghanistan, Defining Ethnic & Racial Differences in Osteoporosis & Fragility Fractures, Elder Abuse, to name a few.

Dr. Chike Nzerue Shares Kidney Health Information for World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day is March 14. It is a global health awareness campaign focusing on the importance of the kidneys and reducing the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide.


Nephrologist and Professor of Medicine, Chike Nzerue, M.D., joined Newschannel 5’s anchor Rhori Johnston for an important discussion about kidney health on World Kidney Day. Dr. Nzerue stressed that certain health choices make a big impact on a person’s kidneys.


“The kidneys filter the blood, remove the waste, remove the excess fluid. They also maintain certain chemical balances in the blood. Too much salt and obesity in any form can cause the kidneys to fail. Smoking increases the pressure in the kidney’s filters and a high-protein diet can damage the kidneys,” said Dr. Nzerue.

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