Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME)

A Message from Dean Sonja Harris-Haywood M.D., M.S., MA

Status Update: Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) Accreditation Review

In April, the medical school hosted a virtual survey visit by a survey team selected by the LCME Secretariat. Over two days, the survey team interviewed more than 50 Meharry faculty, students, and administrators to collect information to support their analyses of compliance with the standards. All participants actively engaged in preparation and participation and are noted for their tremendous efforts and dedication. Many staff joined additional faculty and administrators in supporting the visit and in gathering responses to 50 additional requests for information as the survey team completed each session.


Following the requirements published in the LCME Rule of Procedure, the survey team members are expected to produce a report for submission to the LCME Secretariat who then schedule a review of the documents at an upcoming standing meeting. Because of the timing of the LCME meetings, the earliest MMCSOM’s record is likely to be reviewed is October 2024, with an outcome shared later that fall, or sometime in early winter.


On behalf of the entire School of Medicine, I want to thank the entire community for their tireless efforts over this period


Sonja Harris-Haywood, M.D., M.S., MA

The School of Medicine hosted a virtual survey visit by a survey team selected by the LCME Secretariat on April 8-9, 2024. MMCSOM will receive a final decision on its accreditation status in June or October 2024. LCME accreditation allows students to complete the National Board of Medical Examiners’ Step exams (i.e., Step 1 and 2 in undergraduate medical education programs, and Step 3 in graduate medical education programs). Accreditation ensures that: 1. The school’s medical education program meets accreditation standards. 2. The school’s medical degree prepares graduates for acceptance into residency programs (graduate medical education).


Dr. Sonja Harris-Haywood


Executive Vice President and Provost

Dr. Jeanette South-Paul


Faculty Accreditation Lead

Dr. Monique ForskinBennerman Duncan


Staff Visit Coordinator

Dr. Andrew Hillman

Standard 1: Mission, Planning, Organization, and Integrity

Standard Lead – Dr. Sonja Harris-Haywood


Standard 2: Leadership and Administration

Standard Lead – Dr. Sonja Harris-Haywood


Standard 3: Academic and Learning Environments

Standard Lead – Dr. Samuel Adunyah


Standard 4: Faculty Preparation, Productivity, Participation, and Policies

Standard Lead – Dr. Allysceaeioun Britt


Standard 5: Educational Resources and Infrastructure

Standard Lead – Dr. Roland Jones


Standard 6: Competencies, Curricular Objectives, and Curricular Design

Standard Lead – Dr. Sonja Harris-Haywood


Standard 7: Curricular Content

Standard Lead – Dr. Sonja Harris-Haywood


Standard 8: Curricular Management, Evaluation, and Enhancement

Standard Lead – Dr. Cassandra Ward


Standard 9: Teaching, Supervision, Assessment, and Student and Patient Safety

Standard Lead – Dr. Monique Forskin-Bennerman Duncan


Standard 10: Medical Student Selection, Assignment, and Progress

Standard Lead – Dr. Theodora Pinnock


Standard 11: Medical Student Academic Support, Career Advising, and Educational Records

Standard Lead – Dr. Susanne Tropez-Simms


Standard 12: Medical Student Health Services, Personal Counseling, and Financial Aid Services

Standard Lead – Dr. Sonja Harris-Haywood

Standard Lead – Dr. Dexter Samuels