Meharry Military Health Research

Meharry Military Health Research Center (MMHRC) is a coalition of the best minds in research and data science who are working together to accelerate solutions for the serious challenges that our military and their families face on the field and at home.

MMHRC sees it as an honor and duty to protect the people who are protecting us, and their families.


The members of MMHRC are united around one goal:

To enhance the performance, adaptability and overall health of the men and women who serve our country

We are committed to using the power of data science to analyze and solve specific challenges that impact military readiness and effectiveness. We have consulted with military leadership to identify four critical
focus areas:

Critical focus areas for military health research

The work of MMHRC is fortified, informed and driven by the disruptor of data science. We will use the power of data to mine patterns in behaviors, identify models for advancement and develop disruptive solutions to the challenges in the four focus areas.

The MMHRC is an extension of Meharry’s mission to collaborate with like-minded partners to improve and save lives.


We believe that we can accelerate positive change through collaboration and are actively pursuing partnerships in the U.S. and across the globe that will enhance the health of warfighters and their families.

military health research partners
Maria de Fatima Lima

Maria de Fatima Lima, Ph.D.

Dean and Professor
Professional and Medical Education
School: School of Graduate Studies and Research

Phone: 615.327.6533

Amy M. Andrade, M.S.

Amy M. Andrade, M.S.

Senior Advisor to the President on Technology & Innovation

Assistant Vice President for Research

Phone: (615)327-5694