Female Tissue Acquisition Core

The Female Tissue Acquisition Core (FTAC) helps to promote translational clinical research at Meharry Medical College and elsewhere by providing well characterized and archived tissue from female patients, particularly minority races. The tissue collected from routine surgical resections of consented female patients includes, but is not limited to, uterus, ovaries, cervix, vagina, breast, fallopian tubes, and placenta; with matching normal control whenever possible. Tissue is made available fresh, snap frozen, or in various fixatives. The Core provides histology services; such as paraffin embedding, sectioning, automated Hematoxylin and Eosin staining, frozen sectioning, and immunostaining in conjunction with Translational Pathology Shared Resources (TPSR), Meharry Medical College.


Meharry Medical College Female Tissue Acquisition Core is funded by the RCMI Grant (5G12 MD007586-29NIH / NIMHD).

Services Provided

In brief, Female Tissue Acquisition Core provides the following services:

  • Collection and storage of human tissue from Nashville General Hospital
  • Distribution of fresh, frozen, and paraffin-embedded tissue to approved investigators
  • Tissue processing, including embedding
  • Sectioning of frozen and paraffin-embedded tissues
  • Routine staining, including H&E and Immunostaining

Fresh, Frozen, or Fixed.

Fixing; embedding in paraffin, OCT; paraffin and frozen sectioning services are available. For fresh frozen sections, prior arrangements need to be made with the core personnel.

Requests for routine staining or Immunostaining (Protocol, antibody to be provided by submitter; if antibody is provided by the core, pricing will differ). Details are on the Histology Service Request Form.

Histology Service Request Form should indicate the date by which the services are required. If we are unable to meet the requested time due to other priorities, submitter will be notified.

To request services, please complete a Biosample Request Form and Histology Service Request Form and email to pghose@mmc.edu or bring to 1005 Dr. D.B. Todd Jr. Blvd., West Basic Science building, room 4130, between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday-Friday. Forms are available by clicking the links above, via email to pghose@mmc.edu or in room 4130.


Biosample Request Form

  1. For tissue request submit a completed Biosample Request Form.
  2. The application will go through an approval process and applicant will be informed in 5-7 days, an invoice/quote generated and tissue will be shipped.
  3. IRB is a must.
  4. Material Transfer Agreement Form (MTA) is required to transfer any research material outside Meharry (outgoing MTA reviewed by Office of Sponsored Research)

Histology Service Request Form

  1. For Histopathology services, submit a completed Histology Service Request Form and depending on availability and requested services, an invoice/quote generated and order will be processed.


NOTE: ALL forms can be downloaded from Meharry website or picked up from room 4130 of the West Basic Sciences building or can be requested via e-mail.




The recipient agrees to acknowledge the contributions of the Meharry Medical College-Female Tissue Acquisition Core in all publications resulting from the use of the lab and the tissues. Recommended wording for acknowledgement section is as follows:


“Tissue samples/all histology/immunohistochemistry services were provided by the Meharry Medical College Female Tissue Acquisition Core which is funded by the RCMI Grant (5G12 MD007586-29NIH/NIMHD).”

Contact Us

Billy R. Ballard, D.D.S., M.D.