Message from the Office for Research

The mission of the Office for Research is to support the researchers at Meharry Medical College with a resource-rich infrastructure that enables them to devote their time and talents to scientific investigation. It is important to emphasize that the research enterprise is derived first and foremost by the efforts of its faculty. Faculty generate new knowledge; perform innovative research; attract, teach, and mentor students; and engage in activities that benefit and enrich society.


A strong research program enhances the prestige of the institution and further attracts and retains top faculty who, in turn, impart their knowledge on students and peers while increasing the quality of clinical care.To foster this cycle of growth, the Office for Research strives to create a user-friendly environment while, at the same time, ensure that we are compliant with all federal, state and local regulations. By doing so, Meharry’s faculty and trainees can succeed by our facilitating the pursuit and management of research grants and contracts; providing the facilities needed to pursue new discoveries; and promoting the transfer of the university’s intellectual property to the marketplace. Researchers are our customers.


To that end, the office also identifies funding opportunities, oversees regulatory and compliance functions, conducts training, facilitates collaborations, submits grant and contract applications, provides research support services, and maintains a database of all active and pending awards for the College.


The Office for Research performs a host of other supportive functions for Meharry’s research endeavors, as well. The administration and staff of the Office for Research have a combined 100+ years of experience in writing, submitting, budgeting, documenting, reporting and locating grants. If you are a Meharrian, call upon the Office for Research experts available to you at any time in the grants process. If you are seeking a relationship with Meharry, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.


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Office for Research
Meharry Medical College
1005 Dr. D.B. Todd Jr. Boulevard
Nashville, Tennessee 37208


The Office for Research is located in room 2203 of the Harold D. West Basic Sciences Building.