For Dr. Hildreth and Meharry Medical College, a year of recognition

Editor’s note: We say “hindsight is 2020.” After this year, many of us want “2020 in hindsight.” We’re all eager to move on after a tumultuous year.

But it’s important to recognize that in 2020, Meharry Medical College found its place in the spotlight like never before. Meharrians brought their best to work. And we’ve been recognized repeatedly for it this year unlike any other time.

So, here in review is a list of links to Meharry national media appearances, along with the well-deserved recognition of Dr. James Hildreth by media and the many governmental committees and activities he has taken part in this year.


TODAY: How soon could the FDA approve a COVID-19 vaccine?

Nashville Post: cover and feature (Q4)

Nashville Medical News InCharge: cover and feature (December)

New York Times: Bloomberg Gives Back to Black Medical Schools

CNN: Opinion: To save Black lives, we need more Black doctors

NBC: Black scientists hope to begin testing antiviral drug for coronavirus in two weeks

Wall Street Journal: A Top Immunologist on Why Coronavirus Is Killing More African-Americans

NBC: Historically black college gets federal boost in testing coronavirus drug

CNN: How will reopening the country impact vulnerable communities?

MSNBC: Interview with Lawrence O’Donnell

CSPAN: Dr. James Hildreth on Racial Disparities and COVID-19

The Hill: Collecting and reporting ethnicity stats on COVID-19 matters for the health of everyone

FOX News: A top immunologist warns coronavirus will likely continue in summer: It is ‘doing just fine’ in warmer weather

NPR: The Coronavirus Doesn’t Discriminate U.S. Health Care May Be a Different Story


NBJ Most Admired CEO

Nashville Lifestyles Most Interesting People

NBJ Newsmaker of the Year

FDA Vaccine and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Member

House Ways and Means Committee Address

Under consideration for President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team/coronavirus response

Member of the Metro Nashville COVID-19 Task Force