Meharry Faith Connect

Meharry Faith Connect is an outreach program through the Office of the Chaplain to promote community relationships with faith communities and provide more information about Meharry Medical College, its services and ways the College contributes to the community in these faith settings. Through Meharry Faith Connect the goal is to strengthen relationships with community partners, build new collaborations, and identify ways to expand the College’s services to the community.


The Chaplain will serve as an ambassador for the school visiting faith communities during worship times, spiritual formation activities, and other settings as by request of faith leaders or designees or as identified by the Chaplain and Director of Community Affairs.


There are four main goals for Meharry Faith Connect:

  • Learn and engage the community Meharry serves.
  • Maximize opportunities to provide information to the community.
  • Eliminate health disparities through education and access to resources.
  • Strengthen Meharry Medical College’s relationships with the faith community.

Contact Us


Electronic Registration:
Complete the electronic registration form. After submission of the form, the Chaplain will follow up with an email to both you and the identified leader on the form. Once this contact is made, the Chaplain will be responsible for scheduling the Meharry Faith Connect and working with the Director of Community Affairs to finalize the date and details of the event.


Direct Contact:
You can also contact the Chaplain directly for a Meharry Faith Connect at: (615) 327-6975

The following are examples of services you can request for a Meharry Faith Connect:

  • Speakers on a specific health topic
  • HIV screenings
  • Blood Pressure screenings
  • Dental Screenings
  • Men’s health information
  • Women’s health information
  • Research participant opportunities
  • Tools to increase access to healthcare resources

Yes. The goal is to build a continuous relationship through this connection.

Availability is dependent upon the schedule of the faith community and the availability of the Meharry Faith Connect calendar.

Yes. The Meharry Faith Connect is open to all faith traditions.

The Meharry Chaplain: 615-327-6975