Taking on COVID-19 at Meharry Medical College-an overview

Working together toward a safe and healthy future

At Meharry Medical College, health and well-being for underserved communities is at the forefront of what we do. This is why we’ve advocated for quality health care for African-American and LatinX people over the last 144 years—to ensure our communities are properly cared for.


We are at war with a virus that is killing people within our communities at a terrifying rate. We are actively working to tackle COVID-19 to help save the lives of our loved ones through a variety of initiatives—including COVID-19 testing, treatment, vaccine development and, now, distribution—to ensure African-American and LatinX communities are well represented. We are working to ensure the vaccine works for all people—including those who look like us and have historically been forgotten and mistreated.


Our COVID-19 programs and activities are designed to be a catalyst to help keep community members safe and healthy. Join us in bringing about positive change and reducing the impact of COVID-19 in our communities.



Meharry President Dr. James Hildreth on the pandemic

Handwashing & T-zones

Transmission & masks

The importance of testing


Vaccine risks
& trials

Race, COVID-19 & vaccines


Lingering effects of the disease

Flu season & COVID-19

Immunity after recovery?

Blood types & COVID-19

Mixed messages in the news

Advice for spiritual leaders