Campaign 150

“Never before in history has so much innovation, so much creativity, so much science been brought to bear on the medical needs of humanity, and yet, the disparities that persist-especially in the richest nation in the world-defy explanation and understanding?”

James E.K. Hildreth, PhD, M.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer


…is to change the face of American healthcare—and the future of our communities.

By fixing the broken economic model of health sciences education.

Elevating and solidifying Meharry as a top-tier academic health sciences center unlike any other.

Equipping healthcare professionals—within Meharry and beyond—to eliminate health disparities.


We are the nation’s premier historically black health sciences educator established 11 years after the Civil War to teach formerly enslaved individuals in the healing arts.

We’ve long been defined by our focus on primary care and unwavering commitment to serving the underserved—even when resources are limited and others turn away.

We are also uniquely positioned to address health policy and health inequities from a holistic social perspective. We bring together a wide range of schools and programs in medicine, dentistry, graduate studies, applied computational sciences, public health and research—all with health equity at their center.

And over nearly 150 years (and counting), we have delivered the impact our nation needs now more than ever.


of Black dentists in the U.S. are educated at Meharry.


of Black physicians in the U.S. are educated at Meharry.


of alumni physicians practice in primary care.


of alumni dentists practice in primary care.

TOP 10

U.S. producer of Black biomedical PhDs

4 IN 5

medical and dental graduates practice in underserved urban and rural communities.

Campaign Priorities

Scholarship Support

Provide opportunity for aspiring healthcare professionals who seek to practice primary care and serve the underserved.

Make significant progress towards our aspiration to cover at least 50% of tuition in perpetuity for all students.

$140 million to fund scholarships for students enrolled in all of Meharry’s schools.

Research Facility

Establish Meharry as a world-class center of excellence focusing on diseases and health challenges that affect non-white populations and underserved communities.

Elevate and advance critical research focused on both care and cure by creating a modern, integrated research center that brings together clinical research, data science, and transdisciplinary partnerships.

$75 million to double Meharry’s research space and centralize research efforts in a new, state-of-the-art facility

Program Support

Expand and evolve medical education at Meharry to meet growing needs, support many more students, and significant increase our community impact.

$30 million in programmatic support that will advance research and education across our entire institution.

Faculty Support

Attract and support exceptional teacher-scholars who connect with and inspire future health leaders, serve our community, and conduct nationally recognized research.

Elevate Meharry’s profile as a world-class health sciences center focused on black, rural, and underserved communities—where the best and brightest come to advance the kind of medicine, dentistry, and science that matters most for our world and for the communities we serve.

$30 million to advance Meharry’s world-class faculty by recruiting clinical leaders, endowing chairs and attracting magnet scientists and researchers.

Vision Fund

Provide robust, immediate support for Meharry’s mission and operations, our strategic priorities, and emerging needs and opportunities.

$25 million to support the full range of Meharry’s mission and operations, including meeting urgent near-term needs, investing in strategic priorities and respond nimbly to emerging major opportunities.


Significantly grow Meharry’s endowment to honor our past, elevate our present, and power our future.

$50 million to significantly grow Meharry’s endowment in order to sustain the full breath of Meharry’s mission year-in and year-out, build a permanent foundation of support and enable long-term planning.

Contact Institutional Advancement

Colin P. Finn
Campaign Director

Call: 615.963.3187