Meharry National Alumni Association Inc.

Reunion photo
Reunion photo
Reunion photo

At NDA, Washington, D.C.


The Meharry National Alumni Association presents
The Annual Student Scholarship and Alumni Recognition Banquet at NDA


Renaissance Washington, D.C. Downtown Hotel
“Always Moving Forward”
Friday, July 19, 2019


Dean’s Reception: 7-7:30 p.m.
Dinner: 7:30 p.m.


$140 before July 3rd
$150 after July 3rd
No refunds after July 12th


Alumni Affairs Office at Meharry Medical College, 615.327.6266
Dr. Henry Moses, 615.327.6732
Mary Solomon, 615.327.6865


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At NMA, Honolulu, Hawaii


The Meharry National Alumni Association presents
A Luau
The Student Scholarship Fundraiser


Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort
Monday, July 29, 2019


LIMITED SEATING for only 120 guests


$140 before July 3rd
$150 after July 3rd
No refunds after July 12th


Alumni Affairs Office at Meharry Medical College, 615.327.6266
Dr. Henry Moses, 615.327.6732
Mary Solomon, 615.327.6865


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Meharry Medical College’s original Alumni Association was chartered in 1925. Records indicate that there was no activity for a period of time that resulted in the loss of the charter. In December 1986, the corporate charter was reinstated as the Meharry National Alumni Association, Inc.


The Association became a freestanding organization in 2002, separate from the College. It retains its original mission, goals, and objectives in partnership with Meharry Medical College, as outlined in the Operational Agreement between the College and the Association.


And in the tradition of its founders, the Association enhances and shapes the focus of its activities to promote:

  • Support and assistance to students;
  • Congeniality among Alumni;
  • Good will among Alumni toward the College;
  • Information to Alumni about the activities of the College;
  • Chapter establishment and development; and
  • Financial development that support the endowment of the College as well as other priority needs identified by the College.

I, ___________________, having been given the opportunity to enter the health sciences as a provider and/or researcher, do hereby pledge to give my support to Meharry Medical College and The Meharry National Alumni Association, Inc. I will encourage gifted, mission oriented students to consider Meharry as the institution for study in the health sciences. I will network with my fellow Meharrians. I will give generously of my finances to the extent that I am able to do so. I will always conduct myself in a manner to make my alma mater, Meharry Medical College proud.

This Oath I take on the ___________(Date) of May ________.

Mission Statement
True to the heritage of Meharry Medical College, the Meharry National Alumni Association, Inc., pledges to support the College and provide activities that foster the interests of the College by promoting the art and science of medicine, dentistry, health-related research, graduate studies, and allied health professions. The Association further pledges to provide information about the College to alumni and foster relationships among Alumni that advance the Mission of the College.


The Meharry National Alumni Association, Inc., has a strong presence each year at the National Dental Association and National Medical Association conventions each year.

Alumni register through our office, and are encouraged to bring their families and show their Meharry spirit by actively participating in the various workshops, recruitment, and family-oriented activities planned. For example, the Office of Alumni Affairs offers a student mentoring and advising program for middle school to professional students, with emphasis in biological health sciences; hosted by local alumni, the program teaches students important life skills, like letter-writing and resume development.

We also host a Meharry Alumni Banquet at each convention.

The Association operates administratively through a central office, Alumni Affairs, located on the Meharry Medical College campus, with chartered chapters throughout the United States. Currently, there are 38 chartered chapters.

The Meharry National Alumni Association, Inc. is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization. The governing board (Board of Management) consists of officers of the Association and local chapter presidents and officers. The Executive Committee and the Board of Management meet two or three times annually, during:

  • Commencement/Reunion weekend
  • Fall, prior to the fall convocation
  • Mid-winter (January or February)

The general membership meets annually, usually during the College’s Commencement Reunion weekend.

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Alumni Publications

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Contact Alumni Affairs

1005 Dr. D. B. Todd, Jr. Blvd.
Nashville, Tennessee 37203-7512
Telephone: 615.327.6266
FAX: 615.327.6621

Alumni Affairs Administration & Staff

Henry A. Moses, Ph.D.

Executive Director,
Professor Emeritus

Toya Covington

Consulting Director,
Finance and Business Operations

Roxie Johnson

Senior Alumni Coordinator

Mary Solomon, M.S.

Assistant Director,
Alumni Development

Executive Officers, 2019-2021

Lewis Hargett, M.D.`87

Jacqueline Wheeler-Coleman, M.D.`90

First Vice President:
Ethel Harris, D.D.S.`01

Antoinne Able, M.D.,`89

Thomas Scott, M.D.`82

Immediate Past President:
Dawn B. Griffin, Ph.D., M.S.P.H.`95

Executive Director:
Henry A. Moses, Ph.D.