Financial Information — Physician Assistant Sciences Program

MPAS Year 1 FY23 Spring only MPAS Year 2 FY24 MPAS Year 3 FY25 Total
Tuition 20,211.00 40,422.00 40,422.00 101,055.00
Student Life 192.50 385.00 385.00 962.50
Student Health Service 52.50 105.00 105.00 262.50
Pre-Alumni 30.00 60.00 60.00 150.00
AAPA/TAPA Student Membership 125.00

Life/Disability Insurance 46.50 93.00 93.00 232.50
Malpractice Insurance 212.50 425.00 425.00 1,062.50
Software 30.00 60.00 60.00 150.00
GSA 20.00 40.00 40.00 100.00
Instuments 1,200.00

Clinical Uniforms 300.00

**Clinical Rotation & Maintenance Fee 6,700.00 3,003.49 9,703.49
Total Fees 2,259.00 7,968.00 4,271.49 14,498.49
Total Tuition and Fees 22,470.00 48,390.00 44,693.49 115,553.49
*MMC provided insurance (optional)
**includes BLS/ACLS
***Fees are subject to change***

Cost of Living is budgeted for $2391/month (includes housing, food, utilities, transportation and personal costs).

The clinical year will require travel across the United States. Living/travel expenses, to include but not limited to, rent, gas, food, and parking, for the clinical phase of the program depend on arrangements made by the students. The program advises students to set aside a minimum of $4,000 for living/travel expenses for clinical rotations.

Accreditation standards require PA Programs to notify prospective applicants of the program’s refund policy. If a student leaves the PA Program for any reason-dismissal, withdrawal, drop period, transfer- tuition is refundable according to the Meharry Medical College Student Refund Policy.

Student tuition and fees described above are good faith projections for the Physician Assistant Program. They are, however, subject to amendment at any time at the discretion of the Program and the School of Graduate Studies and Research in order to meet its financial commitments and to fulfill its role and mission. Every effort will be made to provide advance notice of such changes.


Physician Assistant Sciences Program
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