Physician Assistant Admissions Requirements

Admission to the Physician Assistant Sciences Program requires the applicant to successfully complete the following prior to matriculation:


U.S. citizen or international student* in a legal status to study in the U.S. meeting the English-proficiency requirements. All applicants born outside the United States, regardless of citizenship status, are required to provide a TOEFL score of 100 or better on the Internet-based test or secure a TOEFL waiver by the application deadline to be considered for admission. Waivers are automatically granted for applicants who have a High School diploma, Bachelor’s degree, or graduate degree from a U.S. institution. The TOEFL examination (Click Here) must have been completed within two years from the date of application (TOEFL Code 1458).


Currently, there are no international countries that offer reciprocity for U.S. trained Physician Assistants and that is subject to change. It is the responsibility of the applicant to monitor the situation. International students who are not U.S. permanent residents at the time of matriculation risk completing the MMC PA Program and unable to stay in the U.S. after graduation and unable to practice as a PA in their home country. It is the sole responsibility of the international applicant to weigh the risks when deciding to accept an offer to attend.


Technical Standards

All applicants must meet and maintain all requirements in the Technical Standards (Click Here).


Degree Requirement

Successful completion of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Any major is acceptable. Bachelor’s degree must be verified by the application deadline.

No advanced placement will be granted.



Required Undergraduate Prerequisites

The prerequisites are required and must be completed with a “C” or better.  All prerequisite coursework must be successfully completed by December 31, 2018.

  • Medical Terminology-1 credit hour
  • General (for science majors) or Inorganic Chemistry with lab – 8 semester hours (one-year sequence)
  • General (for science majors) Biology with lab – 8 semester hours (one-year sequence)
  • Human Anatomy** – 4 semester hours
  • Human Physiology** – 4 semester hours
  • General Psychology – 3 semester hours
  • **Anatomy and Physiology may also be taken in an 8-semester hour combined course completed in one or two semesters

Pass/Fail grading and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) courses are accepted


All science prerequisite coursework must be completed within 10 years from the date of the application submission.


Strongly recommended coursework:

The following coursework is highly recommended and a preference is given to applicants for each course completed with a “C” or better:


  • Microbiology
  • Immunology
  • Genetics
  • Biochemistry
  • Organic Chemistry I and II
  • Statistics
  • Upper Division Psychology Course (up to one-3 credit hour course only)


Academic Criteria

  1. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 (A=4.0) is required.
  2. Grades below “C” are not accepted for transfer to Meharry Medical College (e.g., D+, D, D-, F).
  3. If a course were repeated, the higher of the two grades will be used accordingly in the evaluation of the application.
  4. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) The General Test of the Graduate Record Examination (verbal, quantitative and analytical writing) is required. GRE Code 1458
  5. Scores of the Graduate Record Examination must have been acquired within the last 5 years. The GRE is not required for applicants with a conferred graduate degree.


Applicant Preferences:


All officially designated Historically Black College and University (HBCU) graduates.


Military veterans with an honorable discharge (must produce a DD214/DD256).


Applicants who complete highly recommended prerequisite courses are given preference for each course completed.


Prior healthcare experience and community service/volunteer experience.


First Generation college student.


Raised in a single parent household.


Recipient of the Federal Pell Grant Program.


Meharry Legacy (child, grandchild, sibling of a Meharry graduate)


Resided in a federally designated Medically Underserved Areas/Populations (Click here) during high school.


Accreditation Status:


The Meharry Medical College Physician Assistant Sciences Program has applied for Accreditation-Provisional from the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant, Inc. (ARC-PA). Meharry Medical College Physician Assistant Sciences Program anticipates matriculating its first class in January 2020, pending achieving Accreditation-Provisional status at the September 2019, ARC-PA meeting. Accreditation-Provisional is an accreditation status granted when the plans and resource allocation, if fully implemented as planned, of a proposed program that has not yet enrolled students appear to demonstrate the program’s ability to meet the ARC-PA Standards or when a program holding accreditation-provisional status appears to demonstrate continued progress in complying with the Standards as it prepares for the graduation of the first class (cohort) of students. The program will not commence in the event that this provisional accreditation is not received.