Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations

Welcome to Meharry Medical College’s Corporate and Foundation Relations hub, where impactful collaborations thrive. We bridge the gap between our institution and external partners, facilitating strategic alliances that drive innovation and advance healthcare equity. Through research partnerships, educational initiatives, and philanthropic support, we address critical healthcare challenges and empower communities. Join us in making a meaningful impact together.

Meharry Medical College’s Corporate Partners Program (CPP) is a dynamic initiative fostering collaborative relationships between the institution and corporate entities. This program serves as a conduit for aligning corporate goals with Meharry’s mission of excellence in education, research, and healthcare provision, particularly to underserved communities. Through this partnership, corporations gain access to a plethora of opportunities. They can collaborate with Meharry’s faculty, students, and researchers on various projects and initiatives, spanning from research endeavors to community outreach programs. Moreover, they have the advantage of tapping into Meharry’s pool of talented students and graduates, including those in medical, dental, and graduate programs, as well as residents and fellows.


The program also offers avenues for professional development, with workshops, seminars, and networking events providing insights into healthcare trends and research advancements. Additionally, corporate partners can contribute philanthropically, supporting scholarships, research endeavors, or infrastructure development. In return, they receive recognition and enhanced brand visibility through Meharry’s various channels, including its website, publications, events, and social media platforms. Ultimately, Meharry’s CPP facilitates strategic alliances aimed at advancing research, education, and addressing healthcare disparities, benefitting both the institution and its corporate partners.

The Meharry Circle of Friends was established in 1996 as a catalyst to solicit annual support from individuals in the Nashville community, which would serve as a base for a pool of prospects to The Campaign for Meharry. Dr. Randall M. Falk, Rabbi Emeritus of The Temple in Nashville and recently retired trustee emeritus of Meharry’s board of trustees was the key visionary, who helped to launch The Meharry Circle of Friends. Through the efforts of Rabbi Randall Falk and the other nine founding members of the Circle, Meharry’s local presence was strengthened.

Thank you to our 2023 sponsors!

Meharry Medical College’s Corporate and Foundation Relations department is a vital liaison, fostering collaborations with external partners to drive innovation, support education, and enhance healthcare outcomes. With a focus on cultivating mutually beneficial relationships aligned with Meharry’s mission to serve underserved communities and advance health equity, the department identifies strategic partnerships and facilitates initiatives ranging from research and education to community outreach and philanthropy. Through proactive outreach and fundraising efforts, the department secures philanthropic support for scholarships, research projects, and infrastructure development. Serving as a liaison between Meharry and its partners, the department ensures ongoing communication and collaboration, contributing to Meharry’s reputation as a leader in healthcare education, research, and service.

Funding Opportunities


Identify pertinent opportunities for funding from private corporations and foundations.


Disseminate Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and other funding opportunities from corporations and foundations.


Facilitate connections between faculty investigators and appropriate foundation program officers.

Proposal Development


Enhance the creation of support programs and improve alignment between foundation interests and project goals.


Examine proposal documents and offer or facilitate assistance as needed.


Establish connections with potential project partners or utilize Meharry resources, as appropriate.

Proposal Submission


Deliver institutional documents as needed.


Assist in resolving inquiries regarding procedures and policies.


Collaborate with unit fiscal officers and the Office of Prospect Research to facilitate the submission of proposals.

Award & Stewardship

Compose Letters

Compose stewardship letters in collaboration with the Stewardship Office to acknowledge and express gratitude to funders.

Report Management

Support with crafting report narratives, addressing and other inquiries related to grant management.

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